The Inclusion Solution LIVE

The Inclusion Solution LIVE

Hosted by: The Winters Group, Inc.

The Inclusion Solution LIVE is the official podcast of The Winters Group, Inc., a Black woman-owned global diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) consulting firm. For nearly four decades, The Winters Group...


Using your Story & Power for Good During A Global Pandemic w/ Stephanie Harris

Season #2 Episode #7

In this episode, Brittany J. Harris connects with Stephanie Harris (no, we're not related, but we're family :-)). Stephanie is a mindset coach, wellness activist, wife of a COVID-19 survivor, mother, and of course, an...
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Teaching and Motherhood During A Global Pandemic with Julie Cassidy

Season #2 Episode #5

Julie Cassidy has been teaching for nearly three decades, and she's a single mom living during this global pandemic. In our conversation, Julie shares what it's been like transitioning from the classroom environment...
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Teaching and Immigration Policy During A Global Pandemic with Meaghan Shiffler

Season #2 Episode #6

Meaghan Shiffler is a teacher living in Detroit and a newlywed navigating the US immigration system with her wife during this global pandemic. She shares more about the pivots she's had to make in her life -- from...
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Saving Lives and Calling Out Racism w/ Dr. Calvin Smith, III

Season #2 Episode #4

Dr. Calvin Smith, III is an Atlanta-native hailing from Westlake HIgh School, Morehouse College, and Meharry Medical College's School of Medicine. He is a Black man and advocate working in Nashville, TN at COVID-19...
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Grieving and Fatherhood During A Global Pandemic with Ryan Bell

Season #2 Episode #3

Ryan is a father, educator, advocate, and son living during a global pandemic. In our talk, he shares what it has been like grieving the loss of his dad and being a co-parenting father during this time. We talk about...
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Ramadan and the Power of Community During a Global Pandemic with Aisha Ghori Ozaki

Season #2 Episode #2

Aisha Ghori Ozaki is a Muslim-American, mom, partner, equity & inclusion leader living during a global pandemic. In our conversation, she shares what life has been like for her multi-racial family and how their...
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Living Abroad During a Global Pandemic with Sajdah Ali-George

Season #2 Episode #1

Sajdah is a mom, wife, educator, consultant living abroad in the British Virgin Islands during a global pandemic. She offers a glimpse into how the British Virgins Islands' response to COVID has differed from her home...
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