The Inclusion Solution LIVE

The Inclusion Solution LIVE

Hosted by: The Winters Group, Inc.

The Inclusion Solution LIVE is the official podcast of The Winters Group, Inc., a Black woman-owned global diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) consulting firm. For nearly four decades, The Winters Group...


Being an “Angry Black Woman” with Brittany J. Harris and Valda Valbrun

Season #1 Episode #6

Valda Valbrun and Brittany J. Harris explore the common stereotype of the Angry Black Woman and how it perpetuates marginalization and oppression. All too often Black women who dare to express legitimate anger about...
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How a Women’s College Student (Re)Learns to Love Women with Leigh Morrison

Season #1 Episode #5

Leigh Morrison shares how attending a women's college helped her in understanding the ways in which she internalized sexism and gender oppression in very subtle ways. She challenges us to consider the ways in which we...
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Being the “Model Minority” isn’t a compliment with Thamara Subramanian

Season #1 Episode #4

As a south Asian American, Thamara Subramanian dives into a personal and historical recollection of the model minority myth and reveals that is not a new or millennial phenomenon, but instead a historically...
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Whiteness and Working Ourselves to Death with Travis Jones

Season #1 Episode #3

In this episode, The Winters Group's very own Principal Strategist, Travis Jones, reveals how his identities as a white, cisgender male (and new father) influences his worldview and the cultural scripts he received...
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The Pain of Internalized Oppression with Mary-Frances Winters

Season #1 Episode #2

In this episode of The Inclusion Solution Live, Brittany J. Harris is joined by President & CEO of The Winters Group, Mary-Frances Winters. Mary-Frances Winters elaborates on her Demystifying Internalized...
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Introduction: Demystifying Internalized Oppression with Brittany J. Harris

Season #1 Episode #1

Thank you for joining us for the first season of the Inclusion Solution Live!  Much of the current work in D&I spaces brings interpersonal or structural forms of oppression to light, but it’s less common for...
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